ac stop leak refrigerant kit

FrostyCool A/C Recharge and Stop Leak Kit

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Automotive AC Stop Leak Recharge Kit

frostycool a/c refrigerant recharge/sealer kit

Mobile 12a Refrigerant Kit for R134a and Retrofitted R12 Systems

  • 6 oz FrostyCool 12a Refrigerant 
  • 4 oz can of FrostyCool A/C Stop Leak
  • Low side installation hose with pressure gauge, 
  • Low side service port adapter for older vehicles, 
  • Oil analyzer and a system tag

This kit is the perfect choice for charging systems and sealing leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets and "O" rings in today's compact and sub compact vehicles with smaller air conditioning systems. Extra FrostyCool Refrigerant may be purchased separately if required for larger systems. Follow manufacturers instructions do not mix with other types of refrigerants.

Product # fc3141
Type Stop Leak/Recharge Kit