Automotive (O-Ring, Seal) Leak Repair/Refrigerant

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Automotive A/C Leak Sealant

frostycool automotive ac refrigerant leak sealer

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FROSTYCOOL Sealer For O-RIngs and Seals Only

Finally, a way to minimize the costly repairs to your auto air conditionerEvery year, it is common practice to replace the refrigerant that leaks throughout the winter months. 

Many leaks in the automotive air conditioner occur within the O-rings and seal areas. As O-rings and seals age, the materials tend to crack and shrink. The natural tendency of rubber is to deteriorate and the heat from the engine accelerates this process. Shop ac refrigerants.

This 4 oz. can contains enough Stop Leak to repair O-rings in 3 or 4 lb. A/C systems. 

Technical Specifications

Product # fc3318 
Contents 4oz
Type Automotive (O-Ring, Seal) Leak Repair