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Oxy/Acetylene Welding Hose

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Oxy Acetylene Twin Welding Hose

oxy acetylene twin welding hose   

Oxy Acetylene twin welding hose. For use with acetylene. Not for use with any other fuel gases. Heat-resistant EPDM tube and cover. 2 spiral polyester yarn reinforcement. Conforms to RMA/CGA specifications. Welding hoses comes with (2) 9/16-18 thread L.H. (acetylene) and (2) 9/16-18 thread R.H. (oxygen) fittings. Shop gas welding hose.

Technical Specifications

Product # PW14-25 Grade R
Maximum working pressure 200 PSI
Hose diameter 1/4'' (6.4mm) 
Hose length 25ft (7.62m)