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Markal B Paintstik Crayon Marker

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Markal B Paintstik Markers

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As Markal's most versatile and economic marker, the original B Paintstik solid paint marker combines the durability of paint in the convenience of a crayon. The real paint formula has superior marking performance on oily, icy, wet, dry or cold surfaces and is weather- and UV-resistant. This Paintstik works on rough, rusty, smooth, or dirty surfaces. LA-CO Industries.

Technical Specifications

Made in the U.S.A By LA-CO Industries
Temperature Range -50°F. to 150°F. (-45°C. to 65°C)
Mark Size  Standard Size: 11/16" (17mm) 
Model Number 

Black: 80223

White: 80220

Yellow: 80221

Red: 80222