Markal Pro-Line HP Liquid Paint Marker

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Markal liquid Paint Marker

markal hp liquid paint marker
LA-CO Industries USA

Markal PRO-LINE HP is a liquid paint marker developed for superior marking performance on oily and greasy surfaces. The high performance paint penetrates through oils and greases to dry quickly and leave a bold, permanent mark that is wear-, weather-, and fade-resistant.

Unique paint formula resists spreading and dries quickly through oily surfaces to leave precise, permanent marks. 

Durable metal barrel and nib reduce breakage for longer marking life.

Easy-to-grip clip-cap allows for convenient pocket storage.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range -50.0 °F - 150.0 °F (-45°C. to 65°C)
Mark Size   1/8" (3mm) 

Product #

White: 96960

Yellow: 96961

Red: 96962

Black: 96963