PowerWeld Cutting Tip 6290 - Size 2

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Harris Style 6290-2 Acetylene Tip

harris oxy acetylene tip 6290-2
Harris style oxy acetylene cutting tip. Powerweld tips are precision machined from high-quality copper alloys for durability. The gas passages for single piece acetylene tips are accurately swage-forged and shaped on polished mandrels for smooth, efficient gas flow. All Powerweld tips are 100% flame tested.
Technical Specifications
Product # 6290-2
Gas Service Acetylene
Style Harris
Size 2
Metal Thickness 1" - 2"
Oxygen Pressure 40/45 PSIG
Oxygen Flow 160/175 SCFH
Gas Pressure 5/15 PSIG
Gas Flow 20/30 SCFH
Orifice Size 0.0635"