Powerweld Oxy-Acetylene Outfit Medium Duty

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Oxy Acetylene Outfit

oxy-acetylene cutting torch kit PWVKITMD
Metal Master Professional Victor Style Medium Duty Welding and Cutting Outfit. Complete outfit includes combination torch, regulator set, accessory package, hose, lighter, and goggles. Cuts up to 6" (150 mm) and welds up to 3/8" (9 mm) with optional tips. Gas welding-cutting torch kit for workshop or mobile use applications.   


  • PWORMD Oxygen Regulator
  • PWARMD Acetylene Regulator
  • PW100 Welding Torch
  • PW1350 Cutting Attachment
  • 3-101 Cutting Tip Size #0
  • W-1 Welding Tip Size #0
  • CV20R/CV21L Check Valve Set
  • PW316-12 Twin Welding Hose
  • R1165 Welding Googles
  • 3001 Flint Lighter
Technical Specifications
Product # PWVKITMD
Gas Service Acetylene
Style Victor
Type Medium Duty
Hose Length 12 Feet