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PowerWeld Welding Electrode E6013-5/32"

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Arc E6013 Welding Rods

arc welding rods e6013 5/32
PowerWeld E6013 mild steel slectrode. A general purpose mild steel electrode for welding in all positions. Suitable for general fabrication, sheet and thin metals, maintenance, repair and hobby welding applications. Shop welding electrodes.
Technical Specifications
Electrode Type E6013
Electrode Diameter 5/32" (4.0 mm)
Electrode Length 16" (400 mm)
Package Size 2 KG (4.4 LB)
Recommended Current AC/DC+
Current Range  150-190 Amps
Classification AWS A5.1 E6013
Approval CWB CSA W48 E4313
Product # PW601340